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Live in such a way that those who know you but don’t know God will come to know God because they know you.
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  • if you need more information about any form of EB disease, please propose your questions here. Debra iran team sincerely is ready to answer you. Questions and Answers

  • Series of training videos to take care of newborn babies, child care, How to care for wounds, Importance of nutrition in patients, Importance of Genetic Counseling, Psychological behaviour with patients and etc. This will allow you to learn the basics of EB caring in minimum time.

  • My name is Elnaz. I am seven years old and I am suffering from EB. My parents are taking care of me and take me to Tehran for treatment. I want to become a doctor in future and treat patient children. I wish to get well soon in order to play with my friends. I want everyone to be my friend and I don’t like people who reject me. My doctor is a kind man and He visits me. I have found a lot of friends in DEBRA Iran.

    - Elnaz Hamidi, CEO, Company
  • I am the mother of a 6 years old boy with EB. When my child was born, Nobody knew what was wrong at first. if we don’t bandage him everyday he would not be able to survive. The bandages help to protect him from injury and infection. Caring for a child with EB is very difficult and emotionally. The cost of bandages is very expensive and it adds problems. The only treatment for these children is bandaging them every day to keep them alive.

    - Shima Ayati, CEO, Company


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